My Name


What is my name?  Jack Baumgartner, John Beartrist Laceroot, Walking Man, and Flying Fish, or is it Jonah?  My name is His.

My family: my children and my wife, beautiful priest and teacher of the law, we live together on 5 acres of glorious dirt in Kansas.  We smell like sheep and goats, linseed oil and sawdust, lye and perfume.  Our home is filled with laughter, shouting, fighting, playing, wrestling, dancing, crying and singing.  We witness God’s glory in our land, in the dirt and manure, in the plants and animals.  A fire that goes up and water that flows down.  Together we embrace the problems of life and living on the land under heaven.  We struggle together.  We are His.  He is our provision.

Well met, you trees and stones draw near.  Many ancient maps have a legend and here is mine.


Cry His Blood!

His Goodness! Cry His Goodness!

Immeasurable, vast and endless!



A hermit, I was once alone in the wilderness,

A lunatic, blown by the madness of the Prairie



A maniac screaming in the city

A trail of smoke, a cloud of ashes

Fleeing the rain of gravel hiding in the caves

The pit called, and my blood was spilled out


The fear: a looming giant dread

Backwards tumbling and helpless

Into a black hole, swallowed everything


Endless nights of torment locked hand in claw

A terrible giant winged scavenger

Rancid breathe, screeching for my soul


Doubting I ran and was swallowed

The enormous one, Askesis named

Kin to Jonah’s ocean mass


Then dungeon dust in a pinhole of sunlight

I was beheaded, laid dead

Scorched, bloated under the sun



Years and ages, Years and Ages

The disc turned inside the golden circle

The silver ring with star songs rang


Spring came


His beloved son

Never left, forsaken not

Birthed from the sucking mud


Abiding in a burning fire with the Golden Man

The dome, the Iris

The Universe


Witness trembling

Witness flying fish

Witness my Father destroying fear


Walk with bears and lions

A king among men greatly esteemed

A kind and gentle warrior whose trumpet shakes


Mining echoes of Ancient breath

In the dirt of promise

God unseen, unnoticed and rejected


Become the plumb line

Measure distance but never breadth

Proclaim a mystery

What no words can tell

Fierce and terrible Goodness