Rustic, or Primitive-Style Split-Oak Chair

The frame for this chair was made from a “green” white oak (Quercus alba), or probably a post-oak (Quercus stellata) quite a few years ago.  The pieces were rounded with a draw-knife.  The seat was woven with hickory bark this afternoon.   To inquire about chairs email Jack,  

Walnut Bench

An unfinished black walnut bench for the Big Horn River Lodge in Montana.  Incorporating a lot of mortise and tenon joinery, I have built quite a few of these over the past year. 

Three Painting Updates

Asher Lev and the Messenger, oil on Linen, 22″x 30″

John the Baptist, oil on panel, 8″x10″

The Stoning, oil on canvas, 22″x25″

Lathe Operation

Turning a hickory chair post.

Chair-making tools

A simple foot operated lathe for turning chair rungs.   The frame is dimension pine and the poppets, which house the points and sandwich the piece to be turned are black walnut, with the remaining pieces made of Q.S. white oak.  Go to the Traditional Woodcraft page for more on these subjects.

A shaving horse for preparing pieces for the lathe and for finish work in its own right.  It is made from part of a red oak that I milled last fall.


Sandstone outcropping or boulder.  Painted at Boaz, KS, near Fall River on Saturday, May 17.  Oil on canvas, 8×10″.

Hieronyus Bosch

Here are some details from the painting of Hieronymus Bosch.  I have been working on his hands, feet, head, and the casework around the window.