Sandstones at the Crappie Pond

Farm Pond

Sandstones at the Crappie Pond, Fall River, oil on canvas, 8×10″, 3-24-08

Elijah in the Wilderness


Elijah Detail

Two details of the painting of Elijah in the wilderness and the whole painting below.  The water at the lower left is new.  The sky and the water both have been painted and repainted at least four times each over three years time.  I hope that this will be the last for the water, and the painting will be done.  I will work back into the water with some other effects once this layer has had time to dry.

 Elijah 3-22

The Two Deaths of John Beartrist Laceroot

photo 6

There are some new pictures (new to this blog at any rate) of School of the Transfer of Energy Puppet Theater’s production of The Two Deaths of John Beartrist Laceroot.  They were actually added to the puppet theater page a little while back, however I have neglected to point them out until now.  

I might also announce that you can now reach this blog alternatively by using the domain, 

John the Baptist Breathing

Here are some detail photographs of the recent progress on the painting, John the Baptist Breathing.  The right hand (the further one) is still underpainting, while the left (the nearer) has just been newly painted- approaching what will be it’s final state.  At the bottom of this post is a thumbnail of the whole painting.  The details can be clicked on and enlarged as well.

J.B. detail 3

J.B. detail 2

J.B. detail 1

John The Baptist Breathing

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar Alone

Wester Red Cedar, 9×12″, oil on canvas

Old Hedge Row With Cedars

old hedge row

Old Hedgerow With Cedars, oil on canvas, 8×10″

Two New Paintings

two cedars

Two Cedars Casting Shadows, oil on canvas, 8×10″

furnace ptg

Furnace underpainting, oil on canvas, 15×19″