Closed Eyes

self portrait with eyes closed

Sumi ink drawing of the artist with his eyes closed.

The Red-Bellied Woodpecker

Red Bellied Woodpecker

An ink drawing of a red-bellied woodpecker who frequents my bird feeder.  I haven’t ever tried to sell drawings before, but I would like to try and sell this one.  I am thinking about fifty dollars.  If you are interested contact me:   Thanks,


The Night Comet

night comet

Here is a drawing of Walking Man making a drawing of a comet at night from his room in a French garrison in the North African desert.

Walking Man Drawing a Great Salt Pillar

The Salt Pillar

Here is a drawing of the recurring Walking Man.  He, himself is making a drawing on one of his expeditions to the crown of the earth where there is a great pillar of salt.


Hasidic Painter Drawing in Brooklyn

Chassidic Artist

This is a little sumi ink drawing from a metal nibbed pen of a Hasidic Jewish painter drawing an abstraction in Brooklyn, NY.  Thanks to Chaim Potok.

Birch Leaves


For the past few months I have been painting birch leaves in my painting of Heironymous Bosch (Paintings in Progress).  Here is a detail of the leaves in the canopy over the head of the Walking Man from the right hand panel.

A small copper plate in progress…

St. Christopher A small copper plate engraving of Saint Christopher in the early stages of cutting. If you shine the light and reflect a piece of white paper you can see the lines pretty well. It helps also to rub some polishing compound into the lines to darken them up. A burin and a lozenge at the top of the picture are the cutting tools.