Old Hedge Row With Cedars

old hedge row

Old Hedgerow With Cedars, oil on canvas, 8×10″

Two New Paintings

two cedars

Two Cedars Casting Shadows, oil on canvas, 8×10″

furnace ptg

Furnace underpainting, oil on canvas, 15×19″

Glowing Furnace


Glowing Furnace, sumi ink, 2008

Red Cedars

red cedars

Plein air study of western red cedars in the horse pasture, oil on canvas board, 6×8″,2-19-08, sold

Levi Hornbeam and the Messenger

Levi Hornbeam

Levi Hornbeam and the Messenger, oil on canvas, 22″x28″ – premilinary underpainting inspired in part by Chaim Potok’s character, Asher Lev.

Closed Eyes

self portrait with eyes closed

Sumi ink drawing of the artist with his eyes closed.

The Red-Bellied Woodpecker

Red Bellied Woodpecker

An ink drawing of a red-bellied woodpecker who frequents my bird feeder.  I haven’t ever tried to sell drawings before, but I would like to try and sell this one.  I am thinking about fifty dollars.  If you are interested contact me: playbanjo@gmail.com.   Thanks,