A small copper plate in progress…

St. Christopher A small copper plate engraving of Saint Christopher in the early stages of cutting. If you shine the light and reflect a piece of white paper you can see the lines pretty well. It helps also to rub some polishing compound into the lines to darken them up. A burin and a lozenge at the top of the picture are the cutting tools.



John The Baptist

john-the-baptist-2-2.jpg Go On, John the Baptist, (6×7″) is a new lino-cut edition literally “hot off the press” which in this case happens to be a wooden spoon with a broken handle. You can see an enlarged version of this print via its thumbnail on the printmaking page. The edition, which I am actually still in the process of printing, will consist of 30 prints, which will be for sale for $75.00 for each print. Contact me at playbanjo@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing a print. Since these prints are hand-printed there are slight differences between each print.


Recent Work on The Stoning

The Stoning  The Stoning 12-3

Here are two thumbnails of the painting that has been temporarily entitled The Stoning, which is an interpretation of the story found in the eighth chapter of the gospel of John.  I have left the older version up for a while so that viewers can observe the changes.   The painting is still on the easel so there will be another update coming soon.  Note the changes to the robe of Christ and to the doorway behind him.