Since introducing some elements of music into the posts on this blog, it has been in my mind to dedicate a page to the tracks which I have featured.  The recordings are all quite amateur, and most are, what I would refer to as, sketches, as opposed to finished and refined pieces of music.  Many are edited fragments of longer songs, which were too long for the post to which they were attached.  Everything featured here is an original composition, the few exceptions are noted.  Most are instrumental guitar, some are banjo and a few other instruments that I play with enough skill to record with them.  If there are any that speak to you in particular and you would like to have a copy you can email me at  Please enjoy.

I have also released an album under the name I Am Erth.  You can find information about it here.




Lift Earth Rise

Enter the Mystery

Obed Edom

Silver Trumpet (edit)

Small Rain (edit)

When You Spoke

The Gobby O (traditional)

The John Beartrist Laceroot Theme

The Sign of Jonah


The Oak Leaf

Good Building

When I Go Out I Wear A Disguise

Frosty Morning (traditional)

Mercy’s Dancing Song

Sally In the Garden (traditional)

Yellow Boat

Good Father

The Presses in the Sloughs (edit)

Space Dance

The Burning Sun Cried Jonah

Drywater (edit)

Desert Ladder

The End of the Valley (edit)

Through the Windy