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7 thoughts on “Painting

  1. These paintings are breath-taking… For a while I had forgotten I was a man staring at a computer screen. They are like nothing I’ve seen before. They are world weary but magical; wise and stern but full of music.

    thank you

    1. Wow, thank you, Nate. I am grateful for your words and brief but insightful statement. …and you’re welcome, too.

    1. Phang, Thank you very much for your comment. I am afraid that I do not have any reproductions, nor have I made any of “The Stoning”. I wish I could be of more help to you in this matter.

  2. Jack, I really, really like your work. My gosh, if you could come to Africa and paint what I see, it would be amazing. Found your Jonah piece through a friend. The whale’s mouth is like the whirling vortex to Hades. Please keep doing what you do.

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