New Effort

Welcome to The School of the Transfer of Energy.  This is a new effort designed to make more accessible the paintings and other works constructed by Jack Baumgartner.  The pages of this weblog are still being developed at the time of this message, but they are far enough along to warrant observation.  In addition to the current pages, there is now a specific page to facilitate the sale of artwork entitled Paintings Available for Sale.  Also, I hope very much in the future to have a page dedicated to the The School of the Transfer of Energy Puppet Theater and it’s production The Two Deaths of John Beartrist Laceroot.  If I am feeling very brave, there might even be a page about The School of the Transfer of Energy itself.


You will find finished work as well as works in progress on the pages of this site.  There is also a continually growing mailing list in operation for those interested in being notified and updated on the progress and avaliability of current work.  I hope to integrate this site into the mailing list in the near future.  If you are interested in being on the mailing list you can contact me (Jack Baumgartner) at .   

This is a weblog, so your comments are very welcome.  If you are uncomfortable leaving comments that can be read by anyone visiting this site, please email me at

This weblog is still under development as noted earlier, so please visit it again in the future to see what is new.

Thank You,


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