The Eternal Present

eternal present07
Summer waxing
eternal present26
into eternal presence
eternal present12
ancient thunder quivers along the crust
eternal present04
twinning amongst and toppling titans
eternal present14
the smallest witnesses quiet as their gaze
eternal present24
oldest of fault lines wrought with terror for men
eternal present35
Ragnarok not yet come to cleave a line between
eternal present13
the fruits of Eden and the curse
eternal present23
brothers old as Abel and Cain
eternal present01
approach the day with a steady gate
eternal present33
mend the tack and the linkage
eternal present30
the work the day is ready to hand
eternal present19
unfold unfold great sheets unfold
eternal present27
the heavens rain diamonds from the mouth of God
eternal present22
the rye bends, the wheat and barley bend, the corn the teff bend low, below
eternal present20
rust and blood speak and spin
eternal present16
the day is new again
eternal present17
tension speaks in unheard frequencies
eternal present06
felt, like order drawn from skeins of chaos
eternal present25
a fragment of destiny
eternal present11
order from a mystic mind
eternal present10
elder memories
eternal present32
ancient fodder, best fodder
eternal present03
tools for the telling of
eternal present21
tools for the remembering of
eternal present31
the days when Noah stored up faith
eternal present09
quieted his family with peace
eternal present05
as the rim of the earth spilled over
eternal present28
rolling stones 
eternal present29
adjoining man with the presence
eternal present36
again, Noah enters day
eternal present34
moored, listening
eternal present18
breathing presence in
eternal present02
wrested in grace
eternal present15
see how the earth remembers differently
eternal present08
manifest ancient eternal presence

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