The Late Spring Farm

The month of May was wet for nearly the whole of Kansas, and we happened to be one of the wettest spots in the state with over 30 inches for the month. Spring rains make grass grow and the lambs are good and growing. Photography and blogging has taken a back seat in a year of heavy labor on every front, but I managed to take my camera with me a few times while I did my rounds on the farm.

5 thoughts on “The Late Spring Farm

  1. Wonderful photos. Thank you again for the visit! Caught that last photo which gave me a smile. Recently won some money for a piece of my furniture submitted to a national competition. God is Provides.

    1. Thank you for commenting, Alex! I’m glad you caught that last one, I couldn’t resist putting it in, even though it is technically a summer photo. But it represents the culmination of all that rain in a visible sense. God does provide. Congratulations on both the recognition of your work and the material provision to continue. Kansas misses you.

  2. Beautiful perspectives Jack! I’m sure the spring was rough. I don’t remember another year that we’ve had so much rain… and so much growth of poison ivy and weeds! Love to you and your family. Jason

    1. Thank you, Jason. The spring had plenty of challenges- though I’ve resolved to resist the urge to ever complain about getting rain. Thankfully I have a lot of hungry mouths to eat all those weeds, even the poison ivy! I hope you are well. I think of you often.

  3. Two words kept coming into my mind as I scrolled through your beautiful photos: peaceable kingdom. I wish you and yours a lovely summer, Jack, and a good harvest.

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