Luminous Earth

Those of you who are regular visitors know I have been slowly overhauling the pages here at The School of the Transfer of Energy.  If you are new, know you know too.  There are still some pages to rebuild, but for the latest, please take a few moments to visit the new Painting page.  This has been perhaps the most personally interesting page to remake.  Seeing so many of my paintings re ordered and in a fresh context has been revealing.  Below are a few samples.  I hope you enjoy them,  and thank you for visiting.  -Jack

The Ancient Ocean (detail)

The Ancient Ocean (detail) (in progress)

Jonah (1998)

Jonah (1998)

Go On, John the Baptist (2008)

Go On, John the Baptist (2008)

all images are held in copyright by Jack Baumgartner. use by permission only

4 thoughts on “Luminous Earth

  1. I swear the transparency of the dove’s body happened in front of my eyes. I was studying this painting, wondering if it was part of the Walking Man series, when it transformed from opaque to translucent. I know that sounds crazy. And THEN I noticed it was coming from his mouth. Very symbolic baptism scene.

    In Walking Man, above; ‘The Ancient Ocean,’ (in progress), I notice how quickly he is moving (at the speed of light?). A candle beside a text on the ancient ocean seabed. Candle still burning?

    1. Steven, I believe it. That little painting of John the Baptist has a good history of special occurrences like that. In the Walking Man painting (the scene with Walking Man is only the top half of the painting, the other half is of Jonah), I like the idea of the candle still burning. One time my friend, Mikey and I tried to take some photographs of me walking like walking man and I couldn’t do it with out wanting to fall over.

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