2 thoughts on “Post Oak Bowl

  1. Hi-

    First, can I just say you are my hero! Well, ok, that’s a bit strong–but you are an inspiration!

    I found your site while looking for printmaking inspiration, but as I as went through it, I found out we have many of the same pursuits (woodworking with traditional methods, painting, printmaking and banjo).

    I have enjoyed getting to know your work through your website.

    So my comment on the bowls… Olive oil doesn’t cure and can go rancid on bowls that aren’t used frequently. I would use walnut oil (which does cure).

    Take care-


    1. Thank you for the gracious compliment, and for the helpful advice. There is quite a bit I have still to learn. I have used walnut oil to finish bowls also (and for paints), but I wasn’t aware that olive oil would go rancid in a bowl. Thanks again.

      What are your thoughts on mineral oil?

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