Test Proof of Jacob Lino-cut

Below is the test-proof of the Jacob Wrestling the Angel of the Lord lino-cut.  I have also included a few pictures of the process.  The block size is 9 5/8″ x 7 1/2″, printed with Graphic Chemical bone black etching ink, on BFK Rives 250g paper.

Finishing up the cutting.

Preparing to ink the block.

The proof next to the block on the press bed.  I use a Wepplo etching press set very light pressure and using one blanket.

5 thoughts on “Test Proof of Jacob Lino-cut

  1. Hi Jack

    I found your wonderful website when I was looking for images of Jacob wrestling the angel for a series of images to project on the church wall during a sermon. I am a Christian church minister from the South Coast of England, and I would really love a copy of this fantastic etching. Do you sell them and can they be posted to England?
    With best wishes

    Gail Souppouris

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