Studio Easel

Below is a series of photos of a new counterbalanced studio easel in quarter-sawn red oak, white oak and black walnut.  The two cooperative disciplines of  painting and woodworking meet in a special way.

The easel consists of a base, a frame which tilts forward and back, and a counter-balanced carriage which holds the painting and slides up and down on the frame.

Some of the carvings on various parts of the easel.

The base and frame in the shop.  Primary joinery is mortise and tenon for all of the components.

The carriage frame.

Haunched tenon of the carriage frame.

Chamfering the tilt-slides with a spokeshave.

“NEW LIFE” carving on the top rail of the frame.

Roman “V” carving on the central stile of the carriage frame.

Counter-balanced using pulleys, rope and 50 pounds of weights, allows the painting to be easily moved up and down without using any type of stops or knobs to hold the carriage in place..

Holding the Thomas panel.

4 thoughts on “Studio Easel

    1. Hi Yaakov. Yes, the easel is my design. After studying a lot of easels out there, and drawing a bit, added to the knowledge of what I am looking for functionally and symbolically from experience, this is what I came up with. I did some basic drawings as plans, but aspects of the design altered as I built.

  1. I am a portrait artist, self taught, starving of course. I’m winning shows and getting some recognition. Unfortunately, arthritis pain is making the adjustment of my easel almost impossible. Are you selling what I see here or one like it? What is the cost? Where are you? I’m in PA. I’m desperately looking for a good easel, reasonable, not free.

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