Life to the Brim

To reflect the holistic nature of living and studying in the School of the Transfer of Energy, I will begin posting some images of my labors in husbandry and garden farming in addition to the woodwork, painting and printmaking which has been the primary subject of this blog.  There is an abundance of new life on our place, called New Boaz by some: lambs, kids, ducklings, chicks, kittens, and plenty of vegetation in a land reviving from drought.

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2 thoughts on “Life to the Brim

  1. New Boaz looks like a beautiful place! It’s so great to see all of your creatures in that pretty golden light. I really enjoy all of these photos, but especially the ones of Thor contemplating the chick and the sprout coming up out of the earth. (Also, is it ethical to airmail a kitten?)

  2. Okay, okay, enough already! As if we didn’t already miss you all tremendously!! Hope to meet all the new life in New Boaz very soon….perhaps next week?!

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