The Caprine Outpouring

Amidst the bustle, we are celebrating the increase of new life this week.  Two of our does ushered in kidding season in ernest. The first one had quadruplets and the second, triplets.  I’ll spare you the “I’m not kidding” jokes.
Caprine Outpouring02 Caprine Outpouring01 Caprine Outpouring11 Caprine Outpouring03 Caprine Outpouring04 Caprine Outpouring05 Caprine Outpouring10 Caprine Outpouring06 Caprine Outpouring07 Caprine Outpouring08 Caprine Outpouring09 Caprine Outpouring12 Caprine Outpouring13

Paddock Shed

I repurposed my first moveable paddock shed on sleds, so I built a new one.  This one has open walls for breeze and more shade area for the sheep.  The goats don’t use them much, unless it rains.  The sheep don’t mind the rain, but like to have some shade.  Simple and low cost, using mostly salvaged lumber and metal.

Ripping timbers on the bandsaw.  The timbers were roughed out with the chainsaw 2 years ago from some salvaged cypress logs.

Traditional clamp.

Cypress and 2×4’s

Pulled behind the tractor from paddock to paddock.

Life to the Brim

To reflect the holistic nature of living and studying in the School of the Transfer of Energy, I will begin posting some images of my labors in husbandry and garden farming in addition to the woodwork, painting and printmaking which has been the primary subject of this blog.  There is an abundance of new life on our place, called New Boaz by some: lambs, kids, ducklings, chicks, kittens, and plenty of vegetation in a land reviving from drought.

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