To Build A Haystack

Below is my process of making a haystack.  A good example of the transfer of energy.

Mowing the haw with a scythe.

The scythe efficiently cuts and gathers in one motion.  Good technology.

Tidy windrows left by the scythe.

Upset this fellow, 3″ with legs.


The hay rack, beginnings of the stack.

Nearly half-way.  (Three legged dog shown for scale)

All done.  The other half of the picture is the good scent of cured hay.

4 thoughts on “To Build A Haystack

    1. the ricks i used to build were, pulled around the bottom, dressed and roped. The wind would topple your rick

      1. I actually use part of a stock panel bent in a circle with the cut ends down- it locks the whole thing together well.

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