Osage Bowls

!st of 3 natural edge Osage Orange bowls.  This one is gone already, but 2 and 3 are available.

2 & 3



Carved birch bowl.

3 Comments on “Osage Bowls

  1. Osage is a really beautiful wood, it doesn’t grow in Virginia does it? I love the way you have shaped the bowls according to the form of the wood…

    • Richard, I concur. I love that whale bowl and how the osage pieces are so lyrical, visually. <<>>

      • Thanks, fellers. I don’t know if there is any Osage Orange out east. It is native to the Red River valley of Texas as I understand it, and spread to Oklahoma and Kansas at least- and is a principle tree in fence rows and windbreaks. I imagine it is pretty widespread throughout the midwest from being used in hedgerows.

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