The Unwinding Hours

The Unwinding Hours is the duo of Craig B and Iain Cook from Glasgow on the Chemikal Underground label.  They featured some of my work for their latest release, Afterlives.  The sleeve design is by Nadia Bradley.

I received the final results in the mail this week; some cd’s and a nice heavy vinyl LP.

I really like how Craig isolated the figures of Jacob and God.

The inner sleeves and the disc itself carry a detail from Moses in the Rock.

6 thoughts on “The Unwinding Hours

  1. Those two images work really well together. The layout and everything about it looks great. Well done on all accounts. I am really looking forward to seeing your work in a larger show, where we can take a step back and see how it all relates!

  2. Nice, I like how they used your images together (sleeve and disc) , the images complement each other while standing on their own as well.

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