The Unwinding Hours

The Unwinding Hours is the duo of Craig B and Iain Cook from Glasgow on the Chemikal Underground label.  They featured some of my work for their latest release, Afterlives.  The sleeve design is by Nadia Bradley.

I received the final results in the mail this week; some cd’s and a nice heavy vinyl LP.

I really like how Craig isolated the figures of Jacob and God.

The inner sleeves and the disc itself carry a detail from Moses in the Rock.

Freeze and Thaw: Failure and Success

2012, Drypoint of Moses in the Rock, 4 1/2″ x 6″.  Unlike an engraving which captures the ink in incised lines, the drypoint image is made by scratching the copper with a stylus, which raises a bur, trapping the ink on the surface of the plate.  This produces a “softer” or “fuzzier” line than the crisp and precise engraved line.  This also makes deeper tones possible, which I wanted for this image.  I am not sure that I have not failed in my attempt.  Yet I am not disappointed.  Failure is the plough.

Fire and Gravel.  2012, Engraving of Waking Man drawing a comet, 3″ x 4 1/2″.  The difference in line quality is readily observed in this engraved image.

A slightly earlier state of the Moses drypoint.


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Slideshow of  images from the printing process.

Moses in the Rock Update

The most recent work on this painting of Moses in the Cleft of Rock involves the completion of the rocks and the beginning of the turf around Moses.  Sections of turf remain to be painted as does Moses himself.  Once those elements are completed other details to the composition will be introduced.

…and a few details…

Moses In the Cleft of Rock, Painting Update

Fall is approaching, and work on painting is resuming as well.

Below are some pictures of the small painting of Moses in a cleft of rock when the Glory of God is passing by.  The under-painting or under-drawing arguably, is egg tempera, the subsequent layers are oil.  The most recent work is taking place in the rocks above Moses in the upper right of the painting.