7 thoughts on “Go On, Adam

  1. Whoa- radical. What an intense drawing! Is this the ink work you have been doing in the early mornings?

  2. This is great work Jack!

    I have been thinking about you this semester and have sent some of my students to your website.

    I’m teaching a new elective this semester called “Theology in the Arts” and have pointed some of the staff and students to your work in the process of talking about the class.

    Also, we are enjoying our wooden bowl here in Haiti. Really appreciate having an original piece of your artwork.

    Be blessed and be well my friend.


    1. Hi Yaakov. In brief, the roman numeral 12 represents the 12 tribes and the twelve apostles, and the roman numeral 5 is symbolic of the five wounds of Christ “windows” of grace entering the world. The “V” is a very important number to me as it has come to be a rich and varied symbol- maybe I will post about that soon. As for the chair and axe, well, I just kind of wanted to put a chair and axe up there- it seemed important at the time.

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