Crystal Geodesic Dome

A few loose grasps at drawing a crystal geodesic dome.  As an experiment here is a song to accompany the images.

Geodesic Dome 1st attempt table top with dome drawing

5 thoughts on “Crystal Geodesic Dome

    1. Thanks, Mikey. It is just a scratch towards something bigger. We’ll see if I can make it there.

      1. I love the shot of your studio and desk too. Good to see your work space. I was unable to listen to the audio when I first saw this post and it was such a treat to hear you play. I’ve thought about doing something similar and think it really added to the experience of viewing the drawings. All the changes to your site look great too. Good, good. Hope you are well, friend.

  1. Always enjoy seeing your work in progress and your multiform expressions. Who did this music? Is this yours also? Beautiful song. Sounds middle-ages or middle-eastern. Maybe middle earth! :- ) Great stuff!

    1. Much appreciated, Steven. The music is mine, and it does carry history from all of those places you mentioned.

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