4 thoughts on “Witness

  1. I love these. Beautiful drawings and I can’t wait to see the page as a whole with more of them. There is something so special about pencil on paper. I remember clearly having that portrait drawn in your old studio while I was playing guitar. What a scruffy looking nerf herder! I really like the three beasts drawing and the Witness drawing as well. Is the Witness drawing new? I don’t recognize it.

    1. Who’s scruffy looking? The witness drawing is a number of years old. I don’t quite remember for sure, but as I was going through the stack, he stood out to me. I did the beasts when I lived out at Boaz.

  2. These are great and this is going to be great to see more drawings. Witness reminds me of walking man in a way. Except the character is more ‘refined.’ However, there are those bare feet to consider. Chopping at an unseen tree? I wonder what sort of tree that might be.

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