12 thoughts on “The Last of December’s Sun

  1. The Last of December’s Sun

    It was the last of December’s sun
    A parting gift of day—an illuminating ray
    The fire nestled between the trees
    Snow and ice crunching beneath
    The snow-covered road winding through the hay
    The frozenness of this last day
    Ice shimmers and stills—frozen
    Juxtaposing the warmth of life
    This is what the end has chosen
    The sun sets down, the dew crystalizes
    The snow flakes and ice shimmers and shakes—frozen
    Through thorny bush and purple hue,
    Life begins to sleep in front of you
    The evergreen bears the weight of snow
    And the end tells us all we need to know
    At evening’s close—the last of December’s sun
    The night has come—the day is done
    The wings of birds flutter farewell—
    Against the silence and the setting sun
    Time and the fields are frozen now
    And life sleeps and shifts as it knows how

    © January 6, 2014, Robbie Pruitt

    1. Thank you, immensely, Robbie for sharing your voice here in the form of poetry. It is good to have the meeting and collaboration of our art in “web-space” or our hearts even.

  2. Jack these photographs with this music all sent over the airwaves but with such a sense of now and texture and light and life. So very profoundly ecstatic yet not cut off from sorrow and seasons. This is so real. All these evidences of the work you do. Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Steven. I am curious about being “sent over the airwaves” – I have a stronger awareness of that with this particular post, and wonder why that is. But I am grateful for the audience willing to share in the celebration and the sorrow of that which is real.

  3. Jack, I love the stripped down nature of winter and these pictures so richly celebrate this. All the finely tuned details in your photos make looking at them a very visceral experience. Chain oil, fresh eggs and Gosh … that is one noble sheep!

    1. Thank you, Jana. That ewe is Goshen. She is pretty noble. But she is not above running and jumping around with the lambs.

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