7 thoughts on “Beasts of the Waters

    1. You never know out here, Jana, they come leaping over the hills in a windstorm swallowing up the earth in great chunks. Relics of the ancient ocean, maybe.

  1. Great images, my friend! I love these kinds of posts. We needed to see some nice close up shots with that lens of yours. Looking forward to the new print, and I can’t wait to see this painting in its entirety. The phthalo color of that water is really satisfying.

    Also, I know it looks like I can’t spell phthalo, but c’mon… Love the flowing lines of the fish.

    1. Thanks Mikey. Who cares if you can spell Phthalo as long as you can stick your thumb in some of it. And Phthalo it is. I made a early proof of the print today.

  2. Beautiful. I love how those rich, luscious colours condense to the incised lines in the metal surface. From the temple wall to the sacred manuscript. I positioned the 3rd and 4th images halfway each and contrasted the painted browns (3) with the earthen patina of 4. Now 3 is starting to look like a knife blade, needle and thread and some sort of cosmic umbilical cord. I’ll go out on a limb and say you’ve cut the sea beast free and are stitching up the wounds. (I know, I know, crazy extrapolation!)

    1. That’s great stuff, Steven. I see what you mean with the knife and the thread. The whale is intentionally cosmic, like God’s robe perhaps. I’ve always sort of twisted the context of Jonah and the sea beast- allowing myself inside out of response to mighty invitations. Thank you a lot.

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