8 thoughts on “Salt Creek

  1. So beautiful, my friend. As always, I love the marriage of the music and the images. This song in particular is really great. What a strange and truly bizarre thing to live on the bottom of what was once an ancient seabed…

  2. Salt Creek

    Twisted barbed wire
    Like a crown of thorns
    Calls back to a day forlorn

    The weathered winter
    And moss on the tree
    Echo back from eternity

    The roots spread
    Into the mirrored glass
    Of river—flowing past

    Salt Creek flows ancient
    As the ocean—Layered history
    Rust, roots and rock—antiquity

    © February 20, 2014, Robbie Pruitt

    1. Thank you, Jana. Maybe your “nanny senses” felt one of my Nubian does as she was having quadruplets Friday morning. That would certainly qualify as an increase to the fold.

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