Everything, Everything

The Sign of Jonah, guitar and voice

The ocean of images from the deluge of early February

everything, everything01 everything, everything02 everything, everything03 everything, everything04 everything, everything05 everything, everything06 everything, everything07 everything, everything08 everything, everything09 everything, everything10 everything, everything11 everything, everything12 everything, everything13 everything, everything14 everything, everything15 everything, everything16 everything, everything17 everything, everything18 everything, everything19 everything, everything20 everything, everything21 everything, everything22 everything, everything23 everything, everything24 everything, everything25 everything, everything26 everything, everything27 everything, everything28 everything, everything29 everything, everything30 everything, everything31 everything, everything32 everything, everything33 everything, everything34 everything, everything35 everything, everything36 everything, everything37everything, everything38

If you like Jonah, check out my friend Robbie Pruitt’s opus.

12 thoughts on “Everything, Everything

  1. Very cinematic how you have assembled this documentary presentation with music, land, atmosphere, animals, art, and those images of the face are like a visit from the sun or some mythical past. Beautiful and rich. Like Jonah went down into the…branches. Thanks so much for this festival of images and sound. Love the singing too. And of course the art carries a lot of weight and craftsmanship.

    p.s. Are you using a woodcutting tool for your linocut? It just looks so much more dignified than any lino cutters I’ve seen or used.

    1. Jonah going down into the branches… I don’t know what to do with it, but I like it.

      It is a woodcutting tool, Steven. I got tired of the speedball, and needing to buy tips, when I knew I had the skill to sharpen tools, it seemed ridiculous. It is night and day between the two.

  2. My Jack…this is a feast! All the soft and wonderful colors of winter, tender new sprouts, Jonah looking handsome, red cedar knots happy, stone arch shouldering …. wonderful transfer of energy indeed.

      1. That’s ok, Jana. I was mentioning Jonah a lot in this post, so I can’t fault you. And I often wonder why I am drawn to those two, Jonah and Obed Edom, and what common denominators they have. I am glad you like him regardless.

  3. That song is one of my favorites already– it’s incredible. Totally, totally on. And then to pair it with these images is marvelous. Winter looks like it has been good to you so far. Great coop, great lines in the design of it. Are you using a hair drier to unfreeze something inside your tractor? It’s guts? Can’t wait to see that finished print!

    1. Thanks Mikey, I like this song too. The melody is derived from the cannon of American old-time. -I need to make a recording with banjo and fiddle when I have time.

      I am using the hair dryer to heat the intake air on my tractor to get it started in sub-zero weather. I felt pretty smart, because it works brilliantly. Amy’s hair dryer has gotten me out of more fixes than I can count over the years.

      I am glad to bring things a little nearer to you over there.

      1. Haha, I love it. I knew it must be some sort of genius fix it moment in the cold weather. Thanks for all of the great images. trying to figure out when and how to come visit you and your family next…

  4. Thank God for the Internet. I love that I can just magically see what you share even when everything else feels so remote here.

      1. A mighty thank you, Clive, for your generous comment -and for taking a walk with me as the sun sets.

        Lino-cut is certainly more specific and true, however I have often interpreted and used “wood-cut” as a universal term, pointing to process first and material second.

        Concerning the noble Novaculite, my grandfather’s old pocket-sized Arkansas is on my table top as we speak.

        Thank you again for commenting.

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