2 thoughts on “Various Light24

  1. Great bowl. I’m really curious about your process. Was the surface texture created “by hand and by eye” or did you develop jigs and/or fixtures to make the cuts? Is the surface ebonized? If you consider this proprietary information, no problem. As usual your work inspires me. As I think I’ve mentioned before, I’m a 76 year old guy trying to feed the artsy side of my life after a career in engineering teaching and research. As you may recall, my parents grew up in the Moundridge area; my brother-in-law, Ken Wiebe, lives in Whitewater; as a kid we went “home” to Kansas every summer. Kansas is more home for me than Peoria, IL where I grew up. It’s always great to see email from The School of the Transfer of Energy. Blessings.

    1. Hi Don. It is nice to hear from you. The surface of the bowl was created initially on the lathe. I cut a series of lateral flutes/ channels with a small spindle gouge. Then I charred the whole exterior with an acetylene torch. After charring I remounted the bowl on the lathe and brushed the outside with a nylon brush in a power drill to get as much of the ash and loose soot off. Then I finished up the inside. When I applied the walnut oil, it did amazing things with that charred surface. It went from a deep brown to jet black and a really great satin sheen. -Thanks for asking about it.

      I remember you sharing about your Kansas roots. Roots in the Kansas prairie, by necessity, must grow deep, to endure in the often harsh and arid conditions. I wonder if our human roots do the same.


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