Various Light

Various Light19

Various Light15

Various Light23

Various Light24

Various Light05

Various Light03

Various Light25

Various Light12

Various Light18

Various Light11

Various Light26

Various Light17

Various Light13

Various Light20

Various Light21

Various Light27

Various Light04

Various Light14

Various Light16

Various Light22

Various Light09

Various Light02

Various Light07

Various Light08

Various Light29

Various Light30

Various Light10

Various Light06

Various Light01

Various Light28

5 Comments on “Various Light

  1. Beautiful, my friend. Great to see the drawing on the linoleum and that painting detail shot. Such beautiful creatures, as well!

    • Thanks Mikey, I’m glad that you like the drawing. These new sheep are pretty interesting, quite different from the monstrous Dorset and Suffolk ewes that I have. That little brown ram is a real character.

  2. The sequence here is so welcoming. And to end with that extraordinary sky! I agree…loved the corner painting detail. Thanks for the tour Jack.

    • Thanks, Jana. We get pretty awesome winter sunrises here. Sometimes they are just mind boggling.

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