Geometry of the Wounded Savior

Thomas Grisaille02

This grisaille (grayscale underpainting) of the interaction of Thomas and Jesus and the gathered disciples and their community, has been slowly developing over the past three years, the drawing took about two years before that.  I feel like the end of this particular phase is finally in sight on the distant horizon.  I look forward to seeing the structure fully unfold and ultimately to the beginning the glazing of colors.

Thomas Grisaille03 Thomas Grisaille04 Thomas Grisaille06 Thomas Grisaille05 Thomas Grisaille08 Thomas Grisaille07 Thomas Grisaille09 Thomas Grisaille10 Thomas Grisaille11 Thomas Grisaille12 Thomas Grisaille01

7 thoughts on “Geometry of the Wounded Savior

  1. Is that where the term ‘masterpiece’ comes from? A piece, or THE peace of the Master? Both in the narrative of the image, and the narrative of the makers making, this is visible. Five years is a long time. Here is ‘go on’ in action! Great to see it, thank you.

  2. Wow…it’s coming right along. Splendid Jack….each area has its own geometrics, its own patterns including the faces. I can become easily (and happily) lost in the details.

  3. Wow Jack. This is like going back in time. As if you made this document long ago. Maybe you did! Who knows? :- ) Beautiful. Just great. Love that pendulum above the wounded hand. Powerful symbolism. And the light on the body from the hand. Fantastic grey/brown/whites. Very beautiful.

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