Go On Stone Hefter

The “Stone Hefter”, a small wood engraving and lesser spiritual lever

The “Stone Hefter” is a small wood engraving (3″x4″) carved on and printed from a Resingrave block, and is for sale in our shop for $40.

Does It Matter

The question “does this matter” is part of the consistent and insistent background chatter every day of my life. The question never goes away and has a thread of doubt woven through it, but it is balanced with the choices that I’ve made as an individual, and also as part of a family and part of a community that says “yes, it does matter”. It is a faith wager to keep doing it every day. It is not unlike lifting this stone.

When I make art I am praying. I am listening and I am seeking. Please do not misunderstand, it is not a righteous act but a desperate one. When I labor to make a print like this I am asking – begging God that it will be a lever for His Kingdom and His goodness- that it might become part of His own expression. The images and the labor are connected to a mystery as a spiritual practice. Everything is more than it seems, in the same way that a single word in a poem can become a passageway into a new story or a different world that, as it turns out, is vitally interconnected to this one.

Then I have to navigate what to do with it once I’ve made it. The path (in spite of my countless attempts to take it other places) always leads to a wide river called “marketing”. I am on one bank and the rest of the world is on the other. I’m all but convinced that I will drown if I go in. It is a strange baptism.

This is my way of asking you to consider buying this print, if it speaks to you. If you think it matters. Here is the lifeline- sorry, I mean listing.

3 thoughts on “Go On Stone Hefter

  1. It matters! Thank you Jack.

    Jason S. Edmonds


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    1. Jack – thought of you when I saw this video of wood engraving related to Wendell Barry https://lookandseefilm.com/original-wood-engravings
      I’m living on Lookout Mountain now, but still remember the gatherings and conversations we had at Signs of Life – especially these days when we’re all missing coming together. Hope you and the family are well! In Christ, James

  2. James,

    It is sure good to hear from you. I’m grateful for the greeting and the link. I am curious what your involvement with arts and spiritual life is looking like these days. Peace and hope be with you, James.

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