Drawing a Different Economy

untitled ink drawing in process

I’ve been working on this drawing for a number of years. It was intended as a companion to another work, The Spiritual Mechanics of Labor and Rest, pictured below.

The Spiritual Mechanics of Labor and Rest

4 thoughts on “Drawing a Different Economy

  1. Great work as always Jack! I’m sure you could spend hours breaking down all of the symbolism for me… we’ll have to do that sometime!

    1. Thank you, Jason. I am working on some documentation of the symbolism in both of these pictures. But i can do it in person too!

    1. This is fascinating, Ives. I hadn’t looked at “Antipas” from that perspective, but it is revealing. In Revelation 2:13 in the message to the church in Pergamum, is a reference to a martyr named Antipas, whom Jesus calls “My witness, My faithful one”.

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