Carving Decorative Fans





Carving the decorative fans or sunbursts for the side panels of the alder console.  I learned the trick of nailing the panel being worked to a larger board which is then held down with my iron “holdfasts” from Peter Follansbee.

2 Comments on “Carving Decorative Fans

  1. Hey is that your new shop!? It looks nice and more spacious than the old hole! You also look kinda cold. Does it have heat or just what you generate working with your hands? As always, the work of your hands is amazing and striking and somebody’s takin’ some good pictures.

  2. Thanks Joel. It is kind of cold out there at times, but I have my trusty woodstove, though it is a tall order to heat a long metal building with no insulation. I can generate some pretty good body heat when I am running the lathe, but not so much with carving.

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