New Block Print of Walking Man


Here is a new linoleum-block print of Walking Man in the Prairie Grass with a little chickadee.  It is about 7″x8″, printed on BFK  Rives  250 mgs paper  cut to 10″x11″.  Prints of this edition are for sale.  Please contact me at for details.

3 Comments on “New Block Print of Walking Man

  1. How much are you selling these for? I would like to purchase one or potentially work out a trade (if you like my current work… I can email you images).

  2. This is an incredible work, i love the theme and your meticulous work have your award. I hope someday have the humor to do one of these, I was thinkung to make one with an old Irish piper playing a Ullieanpipe.
    Congratullations for your awesome hability.

    Frank from Barcelona

  3. wow im starting to work with linoleum, its a very nice art but i must admit your work is amazing man , i like the details and the themes, good work!


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