Copper Engraving Progress

Here are some more pictures of the engraving process, and the second proof as work continues on a small copper plate of Walking Man observing and drawing a comet.

Engraving lines in the copper using a burin.

Detail of a small curl of copper being plowed up by the burin.

The plate after being inked and rubbed for printing.

The printed proof of the plate- revealing the progress thus far.

6 thoughts on “Copper Engraving Progress

  1. would it be possible to use the second image ‘Detail of a small curl of copper being plowed up by the burin’ on an open access educational website to illustrate the historic way that copper was worked with a burin to produce early maps? Do you have a higher res image?

  2. Yes, i would welcome that too! I would like to use the same image for explaining the technique to a non-commercial group of Dutch technique lovers.

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