Show Bowls

A few bowl turning pictures as I have been producing for a part in a few shows this fall.

Below is a stack including walnut, persimmon, ash, cypress and two elm species.

A few more added from above on the workbench, the same species as above with the addition of a few crab-apple.

Hollowing a large cypress bowl on the lathe using a 1/2 bowl gouge.

A few blow-ups from experimenting with the grind on a smaller bowl gouge.

4 thoughts on “Show Bowls

  1. It was really good to meet you and your wife and see your work at Finial Friday this October in Wichita. I’m honored to become a caretaker of one of your cottonwood bowls, as well as a feather weight persimmon bowl. Your attention to detail, craftsmanship, and spirit is inspiring. Thanks for sharing your gifts.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to talk and to comment here as well. It is a pleasure to meet someone who appreciates Wharton Esherick. I hope that you enjoy the bowls.

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