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winter’s lathe work

Red oak bowl with salting and beaver teeth-marks.

Red oak bowl with salting and beaver teeth-marks.

box wood

box wood

Many of these bowls are or will be for sale at our Etsy Store: BaumWerk.

Show Bowls

A few bowl turning pictures as I have been producing for a part in a few shows this fall.

Below is a stack including walnut, persimmon, ash, cypress and two elm species.

A few more added from above on the workbench, the same species as above with the addition of a few crab-apple.

Hollowing a large cypress bowl on the lathe using a 1/2 bowl gouge.

A few blow-ups from experimenting with the grind on a smaller bowl gouge.

Little Persimmon Bowl

Here is a pretty (I think) little persimmon bowl, turned green.  The rim is grey as a result of the blank being sealed with wax for a few months before it was worked.  My guess is  the moisture being trapped against the surface of the wood- which shed its cellular moisture first (the interior retaining it’s cellular moisture, ie green), and therefore “weathered” grey.  The bowl has also distorted as it has dried.