Workshop: White Oak Pedastal and Stool Legs

Here are some pictures of current work from the workshop.  First is a white oak Quercus alba pedestal commissioned for a bronze ballerina.  Second are three green-bent post oak Quercus  stellata (also a white oak variety) stool legs in the midst of shaping and their black walnut rungs that have been roughly shaved for another commission.

The pedestal, nearing completion here, was turned in segments on a faceplate made more broad with plywood.  The main cylinder was turned between centers.

The pedestal with one coat of min-wax black walnut, and one coat of Watco black walnut, which isn’t as dark as the min-wax, but has a little more red which warms the tone.  I will add at least one more coat of the Watco.

Detail of the large bead, cove, and fillets.

The post oak stool legs.

Walnut rasp handle.


Making of the Pedestal Cylinder:

Composite box of 8/4″ white oak (harvested at Boaz, KS).  Recessed blocks were glued inside the box and then pine plates fitted and screwed on either end to allow installation on the lathe.

The corners trimmed at the table saw.

Spinning the box into a cylinder with a roughing gouge.  Very heavy, lots of inertia, but well balanced.



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