No Man Sees

Mikey, here is the photo of Moses which you requested.  I did my best, for it is a tricky painting to photograph.


The Mighty Acts:

Detail of Walking Man’s axe.

Walking Man’s hands, head, axe and walking stick are most recent.


9 thoughts on “No Man Sees

  1. The Moses painting is so unique and beautiful! The change in color of the rocks is an amazing way to show light. Also, I really appreciate the way you handled his hair and beard.

  2. The mountains and rocks in the Moses painting remind me of crystal formations…
    I love the word play “Mighty Acts”. It’s remarkable that the Walking Man painting is so dense with symbolic imagery yet retains a very open and spacious feel. Lovely paintings….

    1. I reflected a lot on your last comment about what he was going to do with the axe. The Mighty Acts was what I got.

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