Black Walnut: Stock Preparation


Wide Black-Walnut stickered and acclimating since September

DSC_0019 DSC_0026

Flattening with a router and jig


Cutting to over-length (with a badly neglected Diston. I sharpened and set the teeth and she cuts quick and true, though in need of a polish and new handle).


Acclimating once again and awaiting final dimensioning.

6 thoughts on “Black Walnut: Stock Preparation

  1. Man, I love your shop! Wish I could visit soon. Also, I like the Diston the way it is. Hope you are well, friend.

    1. Thanks, Mikey. It is funny how all that old saw took was a sharpening and some wax on the blade-that and some peening to straighten it a bit. The handle truly is a disaster, yet it is still far more comfortable and appropriate to its job than modern handles are. It is a hard balance with old tools, between honoring their old lives, while allowing them to fulfill their potential for years of future service. Either way, this is too good of a saw to let stay rusty and with a rotten handle.

      1. I agree. What a beautiful saw! When objects are made with love and care their integrity stays in tact. <<>>

    1. Steven, old tools sure can seem that way. I wish I knew their histories all. This saw was found with another bigger rip saw by a friend of mine virtually sitting in a pool of water, so he rescued them and gave them to me. I have a reputation for taking in rusty things.

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