Husbandry in Harvest

Sally In The Garden, traditional fiddle tune performed on banjo and fiddle

White Oak and Black Walnut for Eating

The early stages of a stout white oak and black walnut supper-eating table.


Thank you to my great friend Cody for the first photograph in this group.  

Brought Low

Working for and in collaboration with my friend, Cody, we have been preparing waney-edged planks and slabs of eastern red cedar and black walnut for loft and stair railings and countertops, while making much fodder for the compost pile.       

Wood: New Pages

Wood, since boyhood, has been a passion.  One also shared by my father and grandfather so I had worthy teachers and opportunity.  There will ultimately be three pages featuring some examples in each category:  Furniture, vessels, bowls and spoons, and structure and milling (yet to come).

The Ascent of Maclura pomifera

Spiral stair in Hedge (Maclura pomifera, bodark, bois d’ark, osage orange).  Designed by my friend Cody to join a 100 year old barn basement to the floor above.  The barn, just outside of Fall River, got hit by a twister about 4-5 years ago and is now being rebuilt as a workshop and living quarters.  The stair isn’t officially finished, we already have a…

Coming Soon

Come back next week for more.