4 thoughts on “Walking Man and the Miracle of the Flying Fish

  1. This guy just keeps on moving doesn’t he! Now his hand is a leaf and he has either fire or foliage spinning off his lifting heel or mythological feet in motion. He’s funny and odd but imbued with some strange powers. I find this so puzzling and intriguing. Also: How can such a lightly drawn image carry such a weight!

    1. “Some strange powers” – this one is pretty strange. I think he gets a bit overwhelmed with the mysteries which surround and engulf him at times. Interesting, your comment about the light drawing carrying weight- I feel a heaviness when I am making these drawings, lately. Thanks again, Steven, for your voice, and for being, in effect, my defacto audience for these drawings.

  2. Hey brother– when this series feels more complete to you it would be great to see all of these new Walking Man drawings on a single page / album. How many have you made so far? I’m looking though your work tonight and it gives me hope. I love that Ark chest that you are building. Still don’t know the story behind it…

    1. I love that you take the time to look through my work with such deliberateness, Mikey. It is a right good blessing, no doubt. I need to count, but I think five so far. I have some more in the pipeline, so to speak. I am glad you like ’em. They are significant.

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