14 thoughts on “A Reminder of Jacob

  1. I love this painting, Jack. The movement of the whole piece is really stunning and I love the abstraction of the sky. Your new camera is great! Glad you updated this one. Will you be rephotographing all of your older work?

      1. Nice– I can’t wait to see the others too. It looks like your new camera very accurately captures colors. Would you say this is true? I am still in the market for a new camera and am considering the one you chose.

      2. What I like about it is the flexibility to control and pre-edit the white balance for different settings, like natural light, incandescent, etc. It is a good camera.

  2. This dynamic wrestling with invisibility & hands and feet belonging to the unknown. All that muscular flesh and blood in warm colours contrasted with a cool… spiritual? Or intellectual/conceptual?….blue. Behind a curtain being opened by another unknown. And that stone. Is the stone mediating the two worlds with silent presence? Looks like a scene walking man might have happened upon. Does the ribbon convey communication of the robed ‘idea’ or ‘concept behind idea?’ There’s a complex mythology at work here.

    1. Walking Man in another age, perhaps. The ribbon, I think of it as a banner, a hidden and constant and living declaration. I like your insight on the stone mediating the two worlds, Steven- something is there for me in that.

    1. Adam, Thank you. Unfortunately, I do not offer reproduction prints of the painting for sale. I do have original linocut prints of this same subject and composition for sale on Etsy if you are interested. I would be anxious to hear what you find compelling about the painting if you are willing:)

      1. I feel like I have lived with Jacob for many years, and this image captures a lot of what resonates with me about him. The curtains being pulled back tell me that this is for me to see; it is a private moment between Jacob and his God, but I am invited into it. I feel like that is true of the account of Jacob’s life in general. It is not just about Jacob’s wrestling, it is also about mine. Even the ribbon seems to suggest a scroll: communication. I also love that the angel’s face is unseen. I am not sure how that could have been portrayed differently. The stone is also a wonderful addition. Jacob (a wealthy man) was finally bare, having sent all his possessions ahead. He had nothing but a stone on which to lay his head. Finally, I am not an artist, but I still appreciate the symmetry and movement. Thank you for your careful work here. If there is ever a way to get this image I’d love to hear about it.

      2. Adam, thank you for venturing with that comment. I honor your wrestling with God. May you not emerge unmarked by He who is good beyond measure.


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