A Reminder of Jacob

Jacob Wrestling With God

Here is a new photograph of Jacob Wrestling With God.

Jacob Review

Robbie Pruit has written an insightful and gracious review of my painting Jacob Wrestling With God.


Robbie also wrote a review of the relief print of the same name and subject here.

Jacob Wrestling With God

Recent progress on the painting of Jacob wrestling with God, and some details.

Jacob Wrestling the Angel Update

Here is the recent progress on my painting of Jacob wrestling with the Angel of God.


Jacob Wrestling the Angel Update


The approach to this painting is a little different than Moses and Aaron.  Still developing shapes, forms and colors.

Continuing Jacob Wrestling The Angel


Building color into the painting.  You can see earlier stages of this painting a few posts back.

Jacob Wrestling the Angel


Jacob Wrestling a Blessing From the Angel of the Lord.  Sumi Ink on Rag Paper.