4 thoughts on “Walking Man in a Tunnel of the Ancient

  1. What a cool and strange image. What’s the Walking Man up to down there with those roots and the plumb bob? I love the fossilized flying fish, and I also love where this series is headed. It’s an interesting (kind of claustrophobic) creation of space. Well done!

  2. Wow. Is Walking Man in an actual tunnel down by the roots, or a neuron or has he gone deeply into the subconscious and is surfacing out through nature? What a fascinating image. It seems metaphorical. He’s engaging in some diagnosis? Whatever he’s doing down in that secret place he doesn’t seem panicked.

    1. Steven, it is spectacular how precisely your comments are towards some unknown parts of my story on these Walking Man drawings. I don’t now how I could describe the full extent at this time but it is fun to witness. You really touched on a very special aspect with the word Neuron. Walking Man is really passionate about (among other things) secret places and the mysteries of God, and how they surface through nature. The drawings and Legend of Walking Man are one place where I get to work out some of my own story in a way to make hidden things seen, even as I am learning about them myself. Thank you for being a witness, for seeing.

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