5 thoughts on “The Commissioning of Walking Man Into a Mystery and Problem

    1. Ah, yes. It is funny that I completely overlooked and forgot to include Walking Man’s right arm.

      1. That’s funny, it’s such a beautiful drawing I didn’t even notice.

  1. wow Jack what an experience to listen to the music while meditating upon or studying the image. It took me into myself while revealing more of what it (the drawing/idea) was/is about. That’s quite brilliant to put the music with the still image. The Walking Man series is such an esoteric & mystical ‘molasses tinged’ alternate universe.

    1. Steven, I am grateful that you have taken the time to listen and observe. Thank you. Similar to your own parings of poetry and art, it is that much closer to establishing an atmosphere of something towards which we are striving.

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