Late July Into August

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9 Comments on “Late July Into August

  1. Thank you for sharing these, buddy. Your land and life bear such fruit! New Boaz. I have never seen the Kansas prairie look so green, either. Great photography.

    • Also, is that osage orange that the table top is made of? Some hoser bird has been helping himself to the sunflower seeds in my garden as well. We made a huge batch of pesto last night as my basil crop is crazy right now.

      • Hey Mikey, It is Osage Orange. Got a lot of it floating around right now.

      • I’m so used to seeing it in sizes relative to reclaimed fence posts– it’s great to see such a big piece. It’s a beautiful wood!

  2. Des images parmi les plus difficiles à réaliser: une apparente simplicité avec tant de travail et de pensée…
    Charnelles, évocatrices, vivaces… des photographies qui “vivent” longtemps… fortement…
    Un régal pour les yeux comme a dû l’être la chair de cette tomate pour les papilles.

    • Thank you for your kind words. You have described my process in a lot of areas of my life pretty well.

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