There Is a Glory In the Soil

Late Summer Details

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The Priesthood of the Land

“In some places the mysterious relation man has with sheep has never been forgotten, people have not so far left the land, and still honor the sheep who help them to live on it.  For them there is joy of life in the shearing of the sheep…” Kevin Ford, Shearing Day.

Priests of the Land01 Priests of the Land16 Priests of the Land18 Priests of the Land09 Priests of the Land48 Priests of the Land21 Priests of the Land02 Priests of the Land06 Priests of the Land04 Priests of the Land26 Priests of the Land28 Priests of the Land22 Priests of the Land07 Priests of the Land36 Priests of the Land10 Priests of the Land43 Priests of the Land41 Priests of the Land47 Priests of the Land32 Priests of the Land33 Priests of the Land34 Priests of the Land45 Priests of the Land05 Priests of the Land40 Priests of the Land14 Priests of the Land19 Priests of the Land25 Priests of the Land50 Priests of the Land08 Priests of the Land42 Priests of the Land17 Priests of the Land29 Priests of the Land31 Priests of the Land37 Priests of the Land30 Priests of the Land44 Priests of the Land03 Priests of the Land20 Priests of the Land49 Priests of the Land24 Priests of the Land11 Priests of the Land27 Priests of the Land15 Priests of the Land38 Priests of the Land23 Priests of the Land12 Priests of the Land39 Priests of the Land35 Priests of the Land46 Priests of the Land13

There is a deeper root

Silver Trumpet edit
There is a deeper root01 There is a deeper root02 There is a deeper root03 There is a deeper root08 There is a deeper root06 There is a deeper root04 There is a deeper root07 There is a deeper root05 There is a deeper root13 There is a deeper root14 There is a deeper root09 There is a deeper root10 There is a deeper root26 There is a deeper root11 There is a deeper root12 There is a deeper root15 There is a deeper root16 There is a deeper root17 There is a deeper root18 There is a deeper root20 There is a deeper root21 There is a deeper root22 There is a deeper root19 There is a deeper root23 There is a deeper root24 There is a deeper root25

After The Storm

after the storm01 after the storm02 after the storm03 after the storm04 after the storm06 after the storm05 after the storm07 after the storm08 after the storm09 after the storm10 after the storm11 after the storm12 after the storm18 after the storm13 after the storm14 after the storm15 after the storm17 after the storm16 after the storm19 after the storm20 after the storm23 after the storm21 after the storm24 after the storm22 after the storm25 after the storm27 after the storm26 after the storm28

Summer Harvest

summer harvest22

summer harvest12

summer harvest27

summer harvest01

summer harvest33

summer harvest15

summer harvest23

summer harvest09

summer harvest05

summer harvest19

summer harvest02

summer harvest13

summer harvest37

summer harvest04

summer harvest35

summer harvest28

summer harvest10

summer harvest26

summer harvest29

summer harvest07

summer harvest20

summer harvest06

summer harvest14

summer harvest30

summer harvest24

summer harvest11

summer harvest18

summer harvest34

summer harvest32

summer harvest16

summer harvest36

summer harvest25

summer harvest31

summer harvest08

summer harvest03

summer harvest21

summer harvest17

The Rites of May

Rites of May08

Rites of May05

Rites of May16

Rites of May09

Rites of May10

Rites of May01

Rites of May02

Rites of May21

Rites of May07

Rites of May03

Rites of May11

Rites of May04

Rites of May15

Rites of May22

Rites of May14

Rites of May12

Rites of May13

Rites of May19

Rites of May17

Rites of May20

Rites of May06

Rites of May23

Rites of May24

Rites of May18

additional photo credits, including the opening flower, go to DCR