Visions of Jonah


Walking Man and Jonah of the Ancient Ocean (detail askew)


Medium #2




Tiny, there on the easel after the huge canvas that preceded it.

6 thoughts on “Visions of Jonah

  1. Fantastic painting as your mythology continues. Walking Man is going into the whale or across his mouth? The whale’s wild white hair (!) (whiskers hair?) looks like a detail in a swirling Persian miniature. Love the detailed shots of working space and materials. Such a vibrant active feel to it all.

    1. Thank you, Steven. Jonah and Walking Man have been intertwined pretty much since Walking Man’s inception over 14 years ago. This painting is me wrestling with that kinship. Kind of a cosmic whale (he’s been around awhile to- but I am learning more about him these days).

  2. What great studio shots! I love this painting already and can’t wait to see it as it develops. Jonah and the whale is such a powerful story and imagery. Love that medium shot! Wish I could stop by for a visit, my friend.

      1. I have had this jar (among others) going for about 10 years. I add small amounts of the formula in proportional amounts- the older stuff is nicely polymerized and thick like honey. -a whole different animal than I could achieve making it straight off.

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