The Un-mixing of Walking Man

The Unmixing of Walking Man-2

Detail of The Un-mixing of Walking Man

When I Go Out I Wear a Disguise, banjo, guitar and midi organ and singing

The Unmixing of Walking Man

The Unmixing of Walking Man

drawing table with Walking Man

drawing table with Walking Man

4 thoughts on “The Un-mixing of Walking Man

  1. Jack, I do believe you have these hills full of fire and light giving off smoke where you live. I can hear how real this all is in the song. A transfixing experience to hear this music while gazing upon this image…Looks too like that light/heat/blaze is pushing into the figure’s chest…or coming from his/her hands…is Walking Man wearing a disguise with long braids? What does ‘Unmixing’ mean in this context? I’m reminded of Newgrange in Ireland…

    1. Maybe I do have these hills, Steven. Sort of like Avalon or Brigadoon, they are, visible then invisible. It is interesting that I wrote the song over 11 years ago (the recording is more recent), but it seemed to fit the drawing. The Un-mixing is hard to get at. I’m still in it, so it’s hard to say. But it has to do with his heart. I like Newgrange, thank you for that reference.

  2. Dude, this watercolor is so radical. How did I miss this one being posted? It looks like he is walking into an enormous hearth. Are you thinking of painting this one? I think it could have some incredible promise as a larger work– like the glazing the glowing around the walking man.

    1. Thank you, Mikey. This might have to be a painting- thank you for the suggestion. I couldn’t quite pull off the watercolor like I wanted and the idea feels as yet unfulfilled. I am glad that you like it.

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