Of Past and Future Prints

Plenty of two-dimensional work today:  First, some hand-colored prints of Jacob Wrestling the Angel of God.  A few of these are available if they strike you.  Next, are some studies for a large, 18″ x 12″, lino-cut of Obed Edom.  Finally, a few more prints and drawings.


Four hand-colored Jacobs on the table


Hand-colored Jacob, version 1 (sold)






Hand-colored Jacob, version 2


Evening light (The Golden Corridor)


Hand-colored Jacob, version 3


Obed Edom Studies


I Chose You, Obed Edom (Preparatory drawing for a large scale lino-cut)


Cherubim and Eye


Earlier version of Obed Edom


Obed Edom with a sprig of cedar


head studies

Walking Man Becomes a Tree, sketch for copper-plate engraving

Walking Man Becomes a Tree, sketch for copper-plate engraving


Go On, Job, Bread & Water, for sale on Etsy


Goshen Ewe-Lamb, 3-color lino-cut, for sale on Etsy

Finally and thankfully, I was engaged by the keen and mysterious richness of this astonishing poem , from Tom Hirons yesterday.  As a rule, I generally do not to link to other work here, so Sometimes a Wild God represents an exception.

10 thoughts on “Of Past and Future Prints

  1. This may be one of my favorite posts of yours. There is just so much that I love in here. Really great experiment to make different versions of hand painted prints to sell. I’ve always wanted to do it, and you just did did it! That new print is going to be really fantastic. I can’t wait to have a complete collection of your prints on my wall! Etsy site is looking great too. I love your work, my friend!

    1. I’m glad you like this one, Mikey. It is kind of funny that my photographic essay posts seem to attract a lot of interest, but whenever I post about my actual work, the response is kind of flat by comparison. At any rate, I have certainly waited a long while to start adding color to some of these prints, but the time seems right today. I think the Obed Edom print will be good, if I can pull it off. Congratulations on reaching your goal, by the way. May the “stretch-goal” be easily within your grasp.

      1. Nothing makes any logical sense in the wide world of the internet as to what people are drawn to. I love your posts about your work more than anything! I love seeing your land and your family and your harvests and bounty, but you know what I really want to see is an up close shot of a fellow hand watercoloring a blank ink print. It’s fantastic and really inspiring. Thanks again for lending your music to my project. I am hoping to make the stretch goal– we shall see. Today was the first real plateau. Can’t wait to see the Obed Edom print! I’m going to have to brush up on my Bible stories– was he the keeper of the ark?

      2. Obed Edom kept the ark for three months in his house after King David tried to bring it to Jerusalem on an ox cart and it killed a man named Uzzah. There isn’t much about him in the bible, but I have always been deeply drawn to him. Kind of like Tom Bombadil:)

      3. Poor ol’ Uzzah got the short end of the stick. Good thing Obed Edom was around to take it in. Thanks for clarifying. I love this post and am happy to look at the images again. We really need to work out a deal of some kind. Maybe I could make you a personalized edition of all my prints for a trade? We’ll talk…

  2. You pick some interesting characters to play with…. Mr. Job and Mr. Obed Edom…both slaves in their own ways? I keep looking at and wondering about the cherubim wearing their tiny masks. They are wearing masks?

    My favorite of Jacob, after much consideration, is version 1 although I really love the purple sky in version 2. The design is captivating and flawless. Who would quibble about color in the end? To be honest though…version 3 is confusing.

    I also am taken by the second head study of Obed Edom… his cheek bones carve his face. And his eyes are committed, looking out. I prefer the animation and the consideration in the study. It’s human, manly. It’s a wonderful drawing.

    Your work fascinates me. Thank you for opening up your notebooks and sharing.

    1. J.H.,

      Thank you for taking the time to write so rich a comment. The cherubim are wearing masks. I always see them that way- masks with bright fire behind them- to protect me from the reflection of something too holy for my eyes to see.

      Version one of Jacob is a clear front runner. I struggled with how much to leave white in version three. The process of adding color to these black and white images is so fascinating, I wanted to preserve it a little by allowing more uncolored areas. In the end though, I think you are right. I may return and add a bit more color.

      Obed Edom is a special man. I am glad you like the drawing. His eyes seem the most important. I want them to see. – “human, manly” carries weight.

      What do mean by slaves, I wonder?

      Thank you again for writing.

      1. Color is a life of learning I am finding, when working first in black and white especially. Thank you for being open to my comments…you never know. I just really love puzzles. And view 3 of Jacob became one for me, juxtaposing the two different colored skin tones. It flamed. Then what do you do with the head without flesh to clarify the form?

        To tell the truth I don’t know where I found my information about Obed Edom so I can’t answer your question and make any sense. Not being familiar with this story I did some online research and wish I’d book marked it because I can’t find it now and it was a very different story. In the version I found he was himself a slave at a gate and favored by God. It was a neat juxtaposition with Job who enslaves himself with the idea of being singled out by his God.
        I did have fun contrasting the two but now the story is even richer. I’ll need to spend time with it. Although at first glance it is still the old being singled out theme. I am truly tired of the “chosen one” either being sacrificed or rewarded when convenient. It enslaves us all….

        Your work digs deeply into these archetypes and we need to see them …they are part of us.

        I hear those little cherubim are handing out sun glasses…

      2. Jana,

        I value the insights of others into the work I struggle to undertake. I need the perspective. I can’t fault your weariness with a long history of mankind caught in the slavery of earned merit and favor, or destruction. Could God have been after Job’s freedom when He let his world be smashed apart to show him that He (God) was bigger and nearer than he (Job) ever could grasp? He certainly did that to Obed Edom by coming to live at his house. I see holiness and goodness when I look into the fire- that I can’t ever hope to approach, but in mercy and love, reaches out. If you rediscover the story about Obed Edom let me know.


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